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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dove- Lucy on the porch

Here's Lucy!!! sounds like the name of a show! This is the first drawing I have done of these birds without using the pen and ink. I'd love lots of feedback as to whether you prefer them with the pen and ink. Thanks!


Johanna said...

Your birds are amazing, I always feel like I can reach out and touch them, they feel so real. The feathers on thins dove... WOW!

I think that this dove looks a bit more life like than the ones done with pen and ink, but I must say that personally I still prefer the ones with pen and ink. It's a style i really like.

freebird said...

I like both styles equally. I guess it depends on the subject. Sometimes without the ink, a drawing can be too soft but you handle the values great so it works either way. It's a beautiful dove picture.

Revelle said...

I found out that this is a white winged dove. I'll have to change the name and repost (if I can figure how to do that without erasiing the comments!) Thanks for all of your comments! They mean s much to me!

raena said...

Oh, the feathers are so fabulously soft looking! Love them!


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