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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Red Squirrel Finished!

Well I decided he needed something to sit on, so I just gave him a part of a tree, instead of the entire thing. That will have to do. Drawing bark is HARD!!!! I think that should be one of our exercises. I think I will suggest it. Every crook and cranny is different and has such a multitude of colors! I'm very happy with the way he came out! I'm excited to go on to my next challenge. My niece has suggested an owl and I think that might be the next one. We'll see!

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donna said...

I'll bet bark is hard to do, but you did a great job of it.

Ramona Davidson said...

Awesome job. Lovely colors.

seesue said...

Wooh. Crazy good girl!

sweetcheeks said...

You make the vermin look so cute. I would never be able to get that rascal out of my attic if I looked at the picture first.
He is just wonderful. Thank you

alissa4102 said...

Beautiful - good choice on the bark ! It add and does not detract from the main subject


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