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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Red Tailed Hawk stage 2

Hi everyone! I have started to work on this drawing again, after a really busy summer, doing shows and selling artwork! It's been a pleasure. Now back to what I love, the drawing part!!!

I worked mostly on the very darkest and very lightest areas of his face. I'm liking how reflective his eye looks but it has many more layers to build up as I go. One day I will keep a list of each color I use on one drawing, in order. It would be hard, but I think it could teach me something more about the process that I use, mostly without thinking in advance. I do always start with a light pencil drawing and erase small parts of it as I go and add color to them. Mostly the white areas have no pencil marks because I know they will be white. But drawing on this recycled paper makes the whites pop and they have to be added, not like when I draw on white paper!

Enjoy! I've missed keeping up with everyone and will be checking back in with all my friends on Everyday Matters on a daily basis again!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've also listed my Molly and Charlie drawings as Artist Trading Cards on my Etsy site. I may do that for all of them and then maybe do 5 x 7, as well as 8 x 10 prints. So much to do, so little time! I also want to create some Christmas cards from my animal art. But that will have to wait until at least October! Missed everyone!

Owl Halloween card

And here is my Owl as a Halloween card.


I know I've been away from my blog for what seems like years! I'm still here, really! It's been a long hot summer and more recently, my back has been acting up. But I hope to get back to blogging n a more regular schedule now that my work load is more manageable. I'm working on a few Halloween cards if you are interested. You can click on over to my Etsy shop on my blog and order them there. Really miss drawing every day!

Here's my Raven as a Halloween card.


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