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Monday, May 21, 2012

Boston Terrier Dog finished

Finally finished my first Boston Terrier. I'm very happy with the way he came out. I think I may be brave enough now to try my German Shepherd, Cleopatra. She has tons of black in her coat. This was a good learning experience.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Boston Terrier 4

Moving right along! I'm adding more purples, blues, dark reds and finally some black. I've also added more color on his nose, muzzle and chin. I'm kinda liking him! I need to tone down the highlights on the right side of the face and add more darks and mid tones around the muzzle and the right side. I find it very helpful to put the work away for a day or two and come back to it with fresh eyes. And seeing it on the computer monitor, next to the previous layers, always helps me "see" what changes I want to make.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Boston Terrier 3

My little boston Terrier is coming along. I've started to define the edges of his skull and ears as well as the many foldes under his chin. I'm increasing the number of layer colors where his fur is black, made up of indigo blue, magenta, dark brown and orange. I will continue to work on the darks vs. lights. I've added a lot more to his nose and muzzle.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Boston Terrier 3

I've started to define the dark areas more with some indigo blue and magenta. I'll slowly work those areas darker, as I add more lights to show contrast. Not happy with the nose yet. Dog noses are really difficult things to draw in case you didn't know. This one already has four or five layers of color!

Boston Terrier 2

Now I have fixed the crooked eye, don't know if you can tell, and I might go back into it later. I started to add more color. I've used a soft blue gray and several other grays. Also added two different pinks to certain areas. Now I'm adding indigo blue where all the black are. I like to build up my blacks with dark blues and browns and dark reds if I can. The colors all shine through when you look at it closely and it makes a rich black.. I've also started to define all the edges of the face and neck. This is so much fun!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boston Terrier colored pencil drawing

I've been wanting to draw some Boston Terriers for a long time and finally sat down to start one. This is the beginning. It's about 12 x 14 on Canson Drawing paper. Started with a pencil sketch and then added some white after I erased the pencil under those parts. Then I started the eyes and then went to the nose. I added some white, light grey and a light powder gray blue to the nose (can't think of the name of the color!). I think the left eye is off a bit, so I'll probably have to erase it a tiny bit and re-work it. You all know how I hate to erase!!! Where is that durn eraser! The paper is a bit less orange than the scan. Maybe work more on it this weekend. It is Mother's Day so I should be able to do whatever I want, right? 


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