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Friday, April 2, 2010

Robin is finished!

I had fun with this Robin. It's probably the first bird I was able to identify when I was a child, and learned that when the Robins appeared, Spring was surely on its way! As all of my other recent drawing, this was done with pen and ink and colored pencils. I just got a new brand that I tried on this one, Caran d"Arche I think they are called and they are heavenly smooth and easy to work with. I may have to get more. I started with 30 (you can buy them cheaper one by one on Dick Blick, than in a set!), so now I'll have to get more! I'm hooked! I also draw these on recycled paper, though I did order some Canson papers of various colors. I'll be getting into them when I finish up this batch of recycled paper. I love the little fibers in it and it's very smooth. If anyone has a link to some other similar, heavier recycled papers with the same little fibers (I'm not talking thick homemade paper. It has to take colored pencil), let me know. I'd appreciate it! Happy Spring!


Ramona Davidson said...

Lovely and wonderfully done. Another winner. Thanks for sharing your art.

Louise said...

lovely, lovely. I like the unusual angle of this drawing- and as always, it is perfectly drawn. What a wonderful collection you are creating here, Revelle. I do so enjoy checking out your newest creations!

raena said...

Gorgeous! I do wish I had some extra cash...I would certainly spend it on a set of these birds. And a mouse or two! :D

Alex said...

YAY!!!! Like what I expected, GREAT. It's got life, like how you did with the rest of your birds, the colors are fantastic as always. The only question is that....what's next? Can't wait ^^

nanke's stuff said...

Your birds are always just spectacular, and this one's no different. It's just lovely! nancy


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