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Friday, April 23, 2010

Giclee give-away!

Once I finish this spotted dove, I will post the image and ask for comments. Then after a week, I'll put everyones name in a hat and pull one out to receive an 8 x 10 giclee of your favorite bird, mouse, squirrel, or rabbit. It will be the 25th drawing I have made since the beginning of the year.

Just to refresh your memory, this is all I could do to draw birds when I started, and before I really sat down to look at them and practice, practice, practice. So never say never! Just keep practicing! I'm just not one of those people who can draw from memory... obviously! It's been a mind altering experience.


Alex said...

Hahahaha.. can't wait for the finished drawing. This post makes me laugh out loud! The character is simply hilarious!

Revelle said...

Make sure your wife posts a comment too! Maybe she'll win the print! Or if you do, it would make a great Mother's Day present for your Mom! (or your wife if she's a mom!).

sweetcheeks said...

Oh my. When I looked at this I thought for sure you took drawing lessons from me. I love it almost as much as your beautiful birds and it looks so much like the stuff I draw. Are you sure one can learn to draw?? Just great!!

curiouscrow said...

You've come a long long way! And this giveaway is very generous.

raena said...

Can't wait to comment!! This is a fabulous sketch...love the humor!

Quilt Knit said...

Alex you beat to the the comments. I cannot wait for the give away. I remember to this day - This first time I really wanted to draw. It was to draw Blue Birds and Blue Jays. The guys were always told they could shoot their BB Guns at Blue Jays, but never to shoot at a Mocking Bird. ( Still do not get it.)
They are all so beautiful and deserve to fly skies their entire lives. This is already a great Beauty.

(((Circle of Hugs)))

Quilt Knit said...

Oh, Yeah! The Cartoon is just a HOOT! There was an Owl outside my window this morning. Ms Patches and I listened with glee- I know what Ms Patches was thinking- Breakfast dessert, even if it does have a great Tune. Looked and looked. Going to have to get Binonculars.

Sherrie Roberts

sharon_jo jo said...

I love your newly finished dove! I expect it to lift off the screen & fly away!
I'd love to win a work from you for me...since the 1st one I got from you, I gave away.

Revelle Taillon said...

I posted the winner on my blog a long time ago it was Revolving Doors! sorry Sharon Jo!


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