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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Red Squirrel rough

I saw this little red squirrel climbing up a tree in the back yard as I went around with my camera snapping anything that was blooming! It was so cute, I decided to draw it. This is still in the rough state and I want to add more color and depth to it. Can't decide if I want to draw the tree he was perched on it or not. I'll decide tonight!


E*phi said...

Aaaawww, this is SO cute! I love squirrels. You really caught its fluffiness, I just want to cuddle it!

raena said...

Oh this is awesome! I've always loved squirrels and used to carry nuts around with me to feed them. Except now that I have a garden, I'm not so willing to feed them! :D

curiouscrow said...

Nice fluffy squirrel - reds are so rare inthe UK now.

alissa4102 said...

This is beautiful. You have included so much detail and colour. I am looking forward to seeing your "tree" decision in your next blog.

Janene said...

Very well done, as always!


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