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Monday, October 19, 2009


Daniel has been hard at work on our new living room. The old one (beneath all the sheetrock and several layers) was built in 1897 or so. So when he started pulling off layers, one layer led to another until I could see him outside! A new window is going in to the right of this!


Here's one side of the bookmark! What fun I had adding the ribbon, stars and the tiny ribbon flower. Good for the soul. The lady at the P.O. loved it!

Envelope Art

Just sent this out! It's a bookmark inside of a vellum envelope (so you can see right through the envelope). Hope me fried likes it!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pine Cone Tree

I am going to have these blown up poster size so you will see all the detail and more that you see in the close-ups.

Close-up of pine cone petals

Acorn caps

Here's a close-up of some acorn caps from my new "Pine Cone Tree".

Close-up of "The Dance"

The Dance

I will be offering posters and prints of my art once I get time to upload them on Etsy. I'll keep you posted. This is fun, but work has been so busy, I can't seem to get to it. Yes, I am blessed with too much work at times and at other times it's dead around here. That's the life of any graphic designer! I'm waiting on that lull!!!! Enjoy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mail Art from Melissa Sabin

I loved Melissa's mail art on her site http://redtape.typepad.com/ and commented that I would love to get some mail art from her. She contacted me and said she would send me some! I was so excited.

A couple weeks later I met the mailman at the mailbox and lo and behold, he handed me a stack of bills with this colorful, delightful piece of art tucked in there. Of course, It was the only thing I wanted to look at! I ripped open the plastic sleeve to take a closer look. It was so awesome. I couldn't bring myself to open it! I knew there was something inside, but the envelope was so beautiful, I didn't want to open it.

So I propped it up on my computer screen like a kid looking at a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift until I couldn't stand it any longer. After at least a half an hour, I grabbed some scissors and carefully trimmed off 1/32 of an inch off one end so I wouldn't ruin what was inside or ruin the back of the envelope, and discovered a great card inside. But it was the envelope I really was intrigued with. How can something be so intriguing that I didn't even want to open it? It's never happened to me before! It was like a tiny bit of magic in my day.

Check out her website and enjoy her mail art. She's a genius who brought such fun and intrigue into my home this week. I plan to return the favor and my only hope is she doesn't want t rip the envelope open immediately! LOL!


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