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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Piping Plovers

I wasn't sure I'd post this, just because the baby bird is so darned ugly it looks like a space creature! Maybe that's why they are endangered...Mom can't bear to look at her babies! LOL! But I live near Newburyport, Massachusetts and they shut down Plum Island for a bit during nesting season so these little creatures can have the beaches to themselves to nest and hopefully get off the endangered species list. Hope you get a kick out of the baby! Or tell me he's the ugliest thing you've every seen and I'll take him down! LOL!!!


Martine said...

Don't call him "ugly", I think he is so cute !! He looks as if he's falling asleep ! I love him ! Definitely !

raena said...

He's not ugly!! LOL...Have you ever seen canadian geese when they are babies? I wish I still had the picture that I took of about ten (chicks, goselings?) crossing the greenbelt one day. Boy, those were UGLY! But this is way cute!

Alex said...

Ugly?!!! Hmmmmm... maybe there's something wrong with my glasses.... THESE are awesome!!!! :) I love the little one he's so cute!

Louise said...

ugly? Not at all! comical, perhaps...cute, definitely. I'm with Martine on this one- in love with him!

Ramona Davidson said...

Cute or not, your art makes both adorable. Good work.

alissa4102 said...

he is definitely comical and I think he looks a little smug ! (though I am not sure why that would be) - so glad you posted it.

Can you tell me what is was drawn in and on what paper. The letter at the bottom of the page fits in so well to the design


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