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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Robin rough

I started on this rough of a robin last night, but of course, got sidetracked again by "Lost". Too bad it's the last season! Really love the characters and the screwed up story line! Are robins a little more red or more orangey? The ones I seem to see are a bit palish reddish orange????


Jules said...

I'll go with orangey! The one I saw in regents park a couople of weeks ago definitely was. This is gorgeous as always with your birds - wish I had your skill - just lovely.

Ramona Davidson said...

Seems like our robins are more toward the redder side. Maybe its just me. Doesn't matter, yours is great even unfinished.

Anonymous said...

My favourite birds! I wonder if the breast colour varies according to the season or the location? Anyway, I can see this one is going to be wonderful when it is finished.


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