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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looks like he's being held captive!


Alex said...

Charlie is another fun one! :) On technical note, it's excellent. On personal note, are you shifting from birds to rodents now? Because if you do, I'd be super thrilled!

Revelle said...

I may go back and forth between the two! Why, you like rodents better? LOL!

Revelle said...

I may actually try a rabbit also! And perhaps a squirrel and a chipmunk. They're all so adorable!

Martine said...

I already loved Molly, but Charlie is so cute too. You did an excellent job, they both look so alive and cuddly. Ready to see some more !

Anonymous said...

You really haave the knack of drawing these little furry chaps - love to see some more!

raena said...

So adorable!


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