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Friday, March 19, 2010


I have the distinct pleasure of announcing that I have been selected to be featured as an "Emerging Artist" on the new blog for emerging artists, called Artsy Shark. I submitted some work and they interviewed me about what inspires me, etc. You can read the interview here: http://www.artsyshark.com/ and PLEASE, leave some nice comments on there, about my work. I'll be reading them! You guys are the best! You keep me inspired to keep creating art, which is my first love. Thanks in advance.

If you are reading this late, and they have a new artist up already, the interviews are stored on the left side of the opening page under "Interviews" and you can find mine there. Have a great day!


Lynn said...

That's a great interview! And I like how they showed several of your bird drawings. They are magnificent!

Barbara Weeks said...

Congratulations! Great interview!

raena said...

*gives you a high five*

Great interview! I was gone for a few days and it looks like I missed quite a few posts here!! The hummingbird and bluebird are excellent!

Dan Kent said...

Great interview - congratulations! And well deserved. I love all the birds you posted for it!


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