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Monday, March 8, 2010

Goldfinch sketch part 2

Well it was gloriously warm this weekend, it hit 60! So I didn't get much done indoors. I did do a lot of raking in my garden and the bulbs seem to be waking up!

I did work on this sketch more in the evening and started filling in the details but it's not done yet. I have many more layers of various colors. A yellow bird is never just yellow. I'll be adding lots of greens, oranges and purples for shadows. I'll post when it's done!


Alex said...

Looks fabulous! The yellow and the black are nicely constrasting each other and this will be another vibrant and eye-catching one. :)

nanke's stuff said...

Wow - it's really coming along nicely. I never cease to be amazed at your bird drawings! nancy

Revelle said...

You two are my biggest supporters! Thanks so much for all the comments. I have to draw 100 of these guys and you'll keep me going all year! Next I think will be a hummingbird. What are your favorite birds?

Louise said...

This is gorgeous as always, Revelle! I always wonder, how long do these drawings take you? They look so detailed and carefully crafted. Looking forward to the hummingbird!


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