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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Barn Owl is finished!

Yeah!!!!! Stayed up late to get it done, because I was going wacky looking at all those black dots in his feathers. I'm going to be bringing some giclees to the stores I am in, as well as putting on a demonstration on my colored pencils techniques in one of them. That should be fun and scary at the same time. I've never done a demonstration before. Yikes!!!

I sold one of my prints of my rabbit to the librarian at the Plasitow Public Library last night while I was taking down my exhibit there. That was nice! They invited me back as soon as I want to come, to put on another show. I think I might do all of my best photos for the next one. Have them blown up huge and mounted. I have to come up with a cool, inexpensive way to frame them. Any ideas? I was thinking maybe glue a long piece of wood to the top back, so I can drill through from the front. Attach an antique element on the front and wire through the back of the wood. I thinking about it????!!!

Right now I'm gearing up for Christmas and an art show so I need all these to try to sell them and buy some new pencils! Oh, and by the way, I finally replaced my 15 year old electric pencil sharpener and I am soooooo happy with my new one. It's an X-acto and really makes a sharp point.


Cathy Holtom said...

He's fabulous, I knew he would be though!

Alex said...

He's a true beauty! Fantastic work

deborah said...

love your barn owl...is this colored pencil?

deborah said...

love your barn owl...is this colored pencil?


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