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Friday, October 22, 2010

Alpaca stage 2

Had a lot of fun working on my little animal here, lots of creams and whites mostly. He's starting to look flurry and warm. I just want a scarf made out of his fur!!!


Vicki Holdwick said...

He is surely a cutie, Revelle, and is coming along nicely.

Thanks so much for the info about the paper you use.


Martine said...

This cuddly little guy is coming out beautifully ! Looking forward to the next stage

Lesley Purcell said...

Love the eye and the lashes, this is going to be another lovely picture!!

Alice Stroppel said...

Beautiful work.

Alex said...

gorgeous work on the fur! Lots of patience and precisions involved =) Very admirable

. said...

OMG, he is just too cute, love the eye looking out under all that fluffy hair. I really enjoy your drawings, great work.

nanke's stuff said...

He's coming along very nicely, and what a sweet face! nancy

freebird said...

He's looking really nice. Love his eye amongst all the shagginess.


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