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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I designed my Alpaca print for Christmas too!



Ann said...

He is charming! And your owl below is incredible. I read with interest your post on EDM about your paper being from the Earthbound sketchbooks. Do you remove the paper from the sketchbook then? Are you using the spiral bound sketchbook? I was just searching on the web for these and I guess I should go back and find your link to where you purchase them. I am curious to try this paper. Your cp work is so wonderful on its surface.

raena said...

I've missed a lot of posting lately (been incredibly busy), but wow! what a site when I came here. I LOVE your alpaca!

Revelle said...


And for anyone who missed it, the recycled paper is made in sketchbooks by Cachet. Google the name and there are a few sites that have it.


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