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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Step 6

Well, I thought I would finish this guy up last night, but the head took more work than I thought. Started with a medium dark gray, colored in very softly under everything, Then went to a medium blue, then added more and more dark blues and finally some dark grey and black. It really makes the white pop once the darks are next to it. Then I reworked the cape a bit with darker colors and threw in some purples, using small and medium thin strokes of color.

Also added some more purples and dark blues for the shadows on the feathers and the stripes. I think I can safely go on to the feet now! Or I may add a bit more black on the face. We'll see! Hope you enjoy his cute face!


Martine said...

Well done ! It's coming out beautifully !

Alex said...

The head makes a whole lot of difference there, very strong, and lots of details. Stunningly beautiful!

donna said...

Thank you for sharing your process. It has been fascinating so far. And terrific work too!

Bénédicte said...

I always find it so interesting to see different stages, almost like being in your studio and watching. It must be really hard to do, remembering to get up and scan, breaking the rhythm.
Your birds are incredible.

Ann said...

This is already gorgeous! I am really enjoying your series of birds.

Revelle said...

Well I usually just scan when I get a break in my work. I work for myself (as a graphic designer) so sometimes it's busy, sometimes not. I always find a spot in the day to scan, so I will keep on drawing! Thanks for all your kind comment!


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