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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eastern Blue Bird stage 2

I've added lots more layers of colored pencils, each changing the color of the layer below just slightly. I think I made his tail a bit too long. What do do you think? I'll have to find a few more reference photos! Enjoy.


MaryO said...

He's gorgeous! I have a pair of these nesting in my backyard. Five eggs hatched on Mother's Day....so

freebird said...

He's looking great. I can't tell about the tail but I think it will be fine once you color it in.

My daughter loved the bunny print and she liked the word RABBIT on it too.

Revelle said...

Freebird, so happy to make her happy!

Revelle said...

Would love some photos of the nest and babies!

Alex said...

I think the tail is just fine. =) Longer tail makes it look really elegant. The layers of colors are gorgeous!

nanke's stuff said...

You're doing a fabulous job on this. I don't know about the tail - I'm not that good with birds. But it looks great to me! nancy


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