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Monday, May 3, 2010

Snowy Owl stage 3

Well, I'm getting there. I want to add some snow below him and do a bit more shading. These creatures are so fantastic. I may have to draw another one later!


Martine said...

Already gorgeous ! You captured his haughty attitude and his beautiful feathers. Can't wait to see it finished !

Krista Meister said...

Oh, he is coming along so nicely!

Alex said...

Thank you so much for your explanation Revelle. I realized again that I was asking a silly question as you stated on your website clearly that you use color pencils ^^ Yeah I have to agree with you that pastels can be quite messy a lot of times. I was just wondering if there's any easier way to draw the whites with such details, without all the hard work, I guess not. =) Really really impressive stuff!

Patsy Taylor-Craw said...

Oh, he is beautiful! The detail is amazing.

kazumiwannabe said...

This is so beautiful! Your patience really pays, he looks gorgeous. Love your Baltimore Oriole bird, too, with his beautiful yellow! The close-up is striking, so perfect!

raena said...

It is amazing how well you do them! I can see why you have so many prints selling!

donna said...

Amazing work.

Revelle said...

Pastels can be really messy because they are a handful, but I have no problem mixing mediums. First when I draw in pastels, I like the oil ones best. They smudge great with your finger. But when I know I will need highlights I can grab a white colored pencil or a piece of white conte crayon and use that for highlights if they have to be tiny. Otherwise I just make whatever size mark I can with the white pastel and bend into it with the colors that butt up against it, so the white area gets smaller and smaller. You can use your fingers if your very dexterous, or use a small q-tip or a hard rubber pointy wedge, anything that comes to a point and will smudge. Hope that helps! If anyone else has any suggestions, Alex was wondering about how to make small highlights using big old smudgy pastels!


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