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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boston Terrier colored pencil drawing

I've been wanting to draw some Boston Terriers for a long time and finally sat down to start one. This is the beginning. It's about 12 x 14 on Canson Drawing paper. Started with a pencil sketch and then added some white after I erased the pencil under those parts. Then I started the eyes and then went to the nose. I added some white, light grey and a light powder gray blue to the nose (can't think of the name of the color!). I think the left eye is off a bit, so I'll probably have to erase it a tiny bit and re-work it. You all know how I hate to erase!!! Where is that durn eraser! The paper is a bit less orange than the scan. Maybe work more on it this weekend. It is Mother's Day so I should be able to do whatever I want, right? 


nanke's stuff said...

This is going to be a good one! nancy

Caatje said...

You seem up to a great start, can't wait to see how it evolves.


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