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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bassett Hound puppy 3

Step 3 is much like the last step, keep erasing and adding color. I'm drawing on some nice toned coffee with cream orangy kind of color (don't have the name but you get the idea!) Canson paper and it seems to be taking the color well except for the white. Again, I might switch to Prismacolor for the white. I've erased all the pencil from the top of the face and filled it in with the colored pencil. I try to watch which way the fur is falling and make my stokes copy that direction. If you haven't drawn on nice Canson paper because it seems expensive, take into account that you can fold it in half, tear it and then fold those 2 pieces in half and tear it again. Makes 4 good sized sheets for only a dollar or 2 each. It's really worth the investment for any drawings you intend to finish up and frame. It's archival so your drawings will last. Be sure to apply fixative so you don't get haze (called wax bloom) over your colors and they stay bright. And if you are drawing in shifts and have applied lots of layers, consider spraying with workable fixative which will help to lift the texture back up a bit so it has more tooth. Burnishing can press the color deeply into the paper and this helps if you want to go back into it with more color layers. Gives the pencil more bite into the paper. I'm also showing the colors I will be using. Browns, reds, orange, yellow, beigey tan, and of course white. Also a pink in there. May add some blues into the whites later.


winna said...

The puppy's mouth expression cracks me up---love it !

Patsy Taylor-Craw said...

Oh, so very cute. My sister has a bassett named Mollie, aka Speed Bump. Love those droppy eyes.

bettyfromtexas said...

WHO could resist that face! Wonderful.

Mary Walker Designs said...

Thank you for sharing this has been very informative. The puppy is going to be so cute.


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