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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ross's Gull first attempt

Well I did get back to drawing last night after all our dreary, humid air moved out. But after I got going, I realized that this little creature has way to many feathers to draw this small. What to do??? Start all over again tonight??? I think I'm going to have to. Second times a charm, as they say! Back to the drawing board...tonight!


. said...

I like your drawings too when they are just in pencil, and this one is beautiful just as is.

Revelle said...

Thanks! I may do a series of pencil drawings one day! But I'll probably use white paper.

Alex said...

The outline is looking great already!
But if you're doing a series of pencils drawings on white paper...I really can't wait to see them =)

Cathy Holtom said...

This looks as if it will be another good one. It's hard to tell about the size from here, but it's better to make the decision before you put anymore work into it?


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