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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flamingo beginning

I thought I'd post the beginning of a drawing I'm working on. I have a friend who loves flamingoes so I thought I would draw one for her. Here's the beginning of the sketch. I wonder why some people call colored pencil drawings, "colored pencil paintings"? Is that because they use the water soluble kind of pencils? Or is it a standard term?

I also saw someone who was drawing on Rising Museum Board, which I never heard of. Then I researched it on Dick Blick and it's a kind of matte board. Anyone like using colored pencil on matte board? How does it handle?

Roughed this in with light pencil, then some pen and ink, the started on the beak, then the myriad feathers, and we're taking BIG feathers! I'll post it again tomorrow if I get some more done on it. I work in layers, putting in the lightest colors, or over coloring light pinks with whites to make them smoother, or using lighter or darker colors for pullling out the details. Kind of a modge podge of techniques. Whatever works! Enjoy!


nanke's stuff said...

This is going to be just stunning when you get finished. It's already beautiful. I don't know how you do it, but your birds are just gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing it progress. nancy

Katie Morris said...

I'm guessing that people say "colored pencil drawing" just to be more specific. When I show my colored pencil drawings to my students they always ask if they are paintings. I am enjoying seeing your bird drawings!

Revelle said...

Thanks so much! It's going to be a challenge to do those large feathers!

jswalkky said...

I really like the composition, and it is interesting to hear more about your technique.

Sandra said...

There is already a certain elegance and grace to the flamingo. You have a lovely touch.

Alex said...

This is already looking so good I can't wait to see the finished drawing!
The composition, and the expression of the bird is stunningly beautiful!


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