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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Carolina Wren Bird

This is the State Bird of South Carolina, drawn special for my brother who lives down there and is starting a new business. Hopefully he'll be able to sell some prints from his store! This was really difficult to draw because of all the detail on the face. Should have drawn him just a bit larger! Enjoy!


nanke's stuff said...

I am continually amazed by your birds! This one is just awesome (a word I rarely use). I hope you keep doing them - it's so much fun and inspiring to see them. nancy

Alex said...

BEAUTIFUL bird!! It's such a cutie, and all your birds are beautiful too. :)

phthaloblu said...

Wow, he's gorgeous, Revelle. All that detail! I'll bet that was difficult. Just how big is it? You did an amazing job. I hope you sell lots of prints.

Bénédicte said...

Your birds are incredible, pure joy to look at. I also enjoyed a lot the video of the flying birds to the music of Amelie Poulain.

Sketch Gurl said...

The birds that you draw appear so soft and fluffy. The background color of the paper adds to making the painting such a delight.

Gina said...

Love your birds but this one is my favorite. I moved to NC 18 mos ago and this little bird is one of my favorites. You captured him beautifully!


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