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Friday, October 16, 2009

Abbie and Cleopatra

Don't know who like baby cereal better! Cleo gets to lick it off Abbie's face when she's done eating and Abbie just laughs and laughs!


Florence's Art said...

Wow almost 6months, seems like you were just posting her birth. She is a cutey. I really like your scanner pictures. I like how crisp and clean they come out. Thanks for sharing with us.

Phyllis said...

Abbie is such a Beauty - though Cleopatra is certainly no "beast". How fun to look forward to sharing Abbie with you.

Irene said...

What a wonderful picture!

You should know, though, that it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r to load, and I'm on DSL. You might want to use fewer pixels....

Revelle said...

It's only about 127k which is tiny, so it must be a problem with your DSL. I always downsize my images to gifs at 72 dpi so they upload fast and aren't worth stealing! LOL!

freebird said...

Kids and dogs! They go together so well. This is an adorable picture.


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