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Friday, January 16, 2009

Cleopatra protecting her Armadillo

Here's my sweetie Cleo, protecting her favorite squeak toy. She finished her first heat and boy are we glad we got through that! Haven't decided if we will eventually breed her. We'll have her hips x-rayed when she is 2 and decide then. She's so smart, and has learned so much in 10 months! We love her to death! She can open her kennel door and get her toys all by herself now. We put a little clothe handle on it she can pull with her teeth.


Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

She's just gorgeous!

winna said...

My favorite type of smartypants dog!! They are such good friends. I do not have any---am allergic to the syliva---but love them very much.

Revelle said...

I'm allergic to dog saliva too, but I just have her not kiss me!!! My last german shepherd could never understand why she could kiss everyone but me!

Owen said...

I love dogs. Period.


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