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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Daniel

Here's an image I painted in Photoshop of my husband, Daniel, and this huge fish he caught. I wanted to focus the attention on his face and the boylike glee he was experiencing in the moment. I painted it using the Wacom Tablet. By the way, It's a 4 x 6 inch tablet, and Model # PTZ-431W. Comes with a mouse (why bother!) and a pen that you use to draw, paint, or whatever you want. Has pencil, pen, scratchboard, oils, gouache, oils, watercolor, airbrush, felt pens, crayons, and a zillion other possibilities you can create with no mess. I just love it when I'm sitting at the computer and don't have the energy to grab the oils and set everything up. It's so much fun.

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Leigh said...

Wonderful. This sounds like a wonderful program. I love the look on his face! nice,nice work. Happy holidays...http://findingmywings-leighbunkin.blogspot.com/


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