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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dad and his car

Here's a Photoshop illustration I created with an old photo of my Dad and his car.


Cecelia said...

Love those old photos! My dad was crazy about all of his cars. He kept every car that he had, and even built a little pickup from parts of wrecked cars. He wanted to prove that he could do it! Drove it to town one time, then put it on blocks in a shed for years, just to probe to the naysayers, that he could build a car! A member of a Model A Club saw it, bought it, painted it red and did some work on it, and drove it in parades! The only cars he ever got rid of were 2 of mine. When he died, the cars were all sold, along with cattle, etc.
Great memories!

winna said...

I think this is exceptional work--I love it.

Margaret Ann said...



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