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Monday, July 8, 2013

Elephants in graphite and charcoal

version 1

version 2

I've been fooling around in graphite and charcoal for a month or so and started this portrait of two elephants. It's going slow, slower than I thought. Their skin is so complex! I started with pencil and now I'm adding charcoal to get the tone right. Lots of blending with a stump as I go along, and removing highlights with a kneaded eraser. I'll keep posting as I go along.
version 3


Alex said...

Great drawing!! :D Love it

Mary Walker said...

I liked how the elephant slowly appeared out of seemingly no where as the W.I.P. carried on.

Jane said...

Fabulous elephants!

Kristi M Nobers said...

wow that's really really great!

Phil Davis said...

Great , love em

Ruth Anderson said...

Very nice! I personally dislike charcoal (and pastels)because it's so messy, but you seem to have the medium under control.

Ruth Anderson said...

Very nicely done! I personally don't like charcoal because it's so messy, but you appear to have the medium under control.


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