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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turtles on black canson paper

I decided to try some black Canson drawing paper for a turtle I wanted to draw, since there were tons of black areas on the image to start with. It's pretty much the same as drawing on a toned paper, in that you can add all your light colored pencils on top of the paper for your highlights. I was pleased that I could still start out with my trusty lead pencil, as I was concerned it might not show up on the black! But it did. Here are the first few steps in my drawing, as I took some shots along the way. It was pretty hard to get the photos looking good in Photoshop. Next time, I'll scan it and see if that looks better. I shot these photos on my phone. LAZY! Let me know what you think!


Rebecca Stahr said...

I love the color and detail. Beautiful!

Alex said...

Looks gorgeous! =) Love the fine details of this one, very much like the rest of your terrific art work Revelle.

raena said...

Beautiful colors! I wouldn't have thought the colored pencil would work so well on black! Nice!

Cathy Holtom said...

It glows, I love how coloured pencil stands out on black paper.

Ruca said...

Yes, it really does stand out. It's like the turtle is swimming in a deep dark ocean.


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