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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Florida tree

Here's a sketch I did a while ago while my husband was off fishing. It's amazing to me how much detail I was able to draw when I just sat still for half an hour! I'm usually in such a rush when I'm sketching.


MaryO said...

Love those gnarly roots! Nice work!

Alex said...

WOW! That in 30 minutes, that's an outstanding achievement! Beautiful tree, gorgeous sketch!

Caatje said...

I very nice sketch, I like the thicker outlines of the stem of the tree. Nice.

freebird said...

Looks really nice. Will you ever be teaching colored pencil online?

Revelle said...

I may eventually teach colored pencil online. I'm interested to see how the classes go in person. I'll take lots of photos of my demos. I may be able to turn that into an online class.


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