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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scientific Illustration

I stumbled onto a couple of scientific art/illustration sites and I though I'd pass them along to anyone who is interested. One is http://www.science-art.com/ and the second is Guild of Natural Science Illustrators | GNSI
www.gnsi.org. Does anyone have any experience as a member of either of these sites? The first one looked interesting but doesn't seem to have updated newsletters or advertising. The last newsletter looks like 2007. But there are some good links on this page: http://www.science-art.com/links/. I sent them an email to see what's up with updating their site. I may contact a few of their artists for some feedback also.

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Sara Light Waller said...

Revelle, I was a member of the GNSI for many years and loved it. I took a long hiatus from professional illustration so let my membership lapse. But I still have my pile of old newsletters and the Guild Handbook (a FABULOUS book.) I have been thinking of rejoining. It's a great organization with some top notch illustrators. I would recommend it. :-)


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