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Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Sky Water"

I've been listening to some meditation tapes and this is one section that I love listening too. Hope it will bring you some peace today!

"In such a day, in September or October, Walden is a perfect forest mirror, set round with stones as precious to my eye as if fewer or rarer. Nothing so fair, so pure, and at the same time so large, as a lake, perchance, lies on the surface of the earth. Sky water. It needs no fence. Nations come and go without defiling it. It is a mirror which no stone can crack, whose quicksilver will never wear off, whose gilding Nature continually repairs; no storms, no dust, can dim its surface ever fresh; a mirror in which all impurity presented to it sinks, swept and dusted by the sun's hazy brush,—this the light-dust cloth,—which retains no breath that is breathed on it, but sends its own to float as clouds high above its surface, and be reflected in its bosom still."
Walden ~Thoreau


bettyfromtexas said...

thanks, Revelle! This is lovely!

nanke's stuff said...

It's just lovely - thank you for sharing. nancy

Alex said...

Sounds relaxing =) And it's great that you're feeling better Revelle! Thanks so much for your comments, and hopefully soon we'll be able to see your gorgeous art work again, but only after you're 100% fit okay?

Sandra said...

Nice piece. I'm so glad that you are feeling up to participating with our group. Wishing you a continued good recovery.


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