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Friday, April 1, 2011

Snow on april Fool's Day- sounds like New England!

At least it was only a few inches and it's already starting to melt. So I spent some time painting on Mr. Rooster. Enjoy!


Sandy in Michigan said...

What a beautiful rooster. Your painting is outstanding!

Revelle said...

Sandy, I got nothing on you! Your work is totally awesome!!!!

raena said...

I feel like I could use some snow about now...how 'bout sending us some of yours? I'm about to give in and turn on the ac already! It just seems like it is too soon to be this hot already!

Rooster is coming along nicely!

Revelle said...

no Raena! Enjoy the HEAT! It brings forth many veggies and flowers! It's raining here all week!


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