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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some warm weather, finally

It was 70 degrees on Friday, and only 46 today. That's New England for you! It was great to see the snow in my front yard melting away from my garden and seeing some small tulip and daffodil sprouts popping their heads up in the garden. My husband bought new posts for the mailboxes and returned them to their rightful places. I also noticed that my garden is smaller than I thought, once the snow melted away. Time to enlarge again! My friend went with me to a nursery I had never been to and I had a blast. Once of the things I noticed was all the "birds" products they carry, and so of course I left them a few card samples for the owner. They had some canaries, a parrot and a pair of doves in the gift shop area, and it they were singing and cooing up a storm. Makes me want some canaries!!!

The name of the place is Churchills and it's in Exeter, NH. Stop in if you are ever in the area. I can hardly wait until the weather stabilizes, to go back and buy some more flowers. I bought some pansies and a Venus Fly Trap plant for my granddaughter who really wants one! Found out you really shouldn't feed them hamburger!!! Spring has begun to slowly creep over my town and I couldn't e happier!

I painted some more on my sheep but haven't downloaded the image yet. I'll try to post it tomorrow! Happy Saturday!

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