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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year

Sorry I've been away so long. With Christmas sales and getting that awful bug that's been going around, I've been out of commission for a while. But I did start on a new drawing and I'm making some New Years resolutions.

Last year I made a resolution to draw 100 birds before the end of the year. Didn't manage that, but did manage to turn my drawings into a new business! I probably drew 30-40 birds, but also drew other creatures, such as mice, rabbits and squirrels, then went on to llamas and alpacas! I will continue this year to draw my favorite animals and turn them into giclees and try to add one new outlet every month! So far I have my giclees in 5 shops and I have 3 contacts to turn into clients in January so far. Or maybe one in January and the other two in February!

I want to create some drawings specifically for "Valentine's Day" and Easter, but try to keep them generically very "spring" to extend their life on the shelf. I have started a sweet mouse inside a rose covered tea cup and I'll post that this week.

Happy New Year to everyone and I wish you continued success in all your artistic pursuits this year!

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raena said...

You have had an outstanding year! Hope you have even more success in 2011! Thanks for all the inspiration! Happy New Year!


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