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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Llama stage 1

This llama belongs to Pam, a friend of mine, who allowed me to take some photos. The llama is mostly white, so I've set myself up with another challenge! But this time I decided to go back to the recycled paper so it shouldn't be as difficult as the Barn Owl on white paper! I don't know if anyone else finds this easier? Do you? I don't have a difficult time drawing with pencil on white paper, but I think it's easier to draw a white object on colored paper. At least this year!!! This way I can make long hairs extend into the paper and I think that looks better. We'll see!


raena said...

Looking forward to seeing how you approach this one!

Alex said...

Yet another beautiful beginning

Dan Kent said...

Wow - where have I been! I've missed so many wonderful posts - all excellent. The barn owl is a masterpiece! The beginning of this one is great. You are a masterful drawer.

winna said...

She's a beauty and such inspried details !!!


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