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Monday, December 28, 2009


Kangi curled up with his legs under him. He was under the Christmas tree but moved before I could capture that!


Possum Patty said...

Great contented kitty pose.

Phyllis said...

Kangi looks satisfied, and as a viewer, I'd say you nailed this, critter, mood, and all. "Say more with less" is such a good axiom, and you've given a good demonstration here. Nice handling of fur - both here and on the earlier post of your pup.

Ellen said...

What a sweet drawing. Love the colors too! Excellent job.

raena said...

So sweet! I adore animal sketches and these two are wonderful! Don't you just love the way cats always seem to be smiling?

curiouscrow said...

Cats are like that I find! Nice drawing though.

freebird said...

Love that expression! These drawings would make great rubber stamps!

Revelle said...

Never thought of that! What a good idea!


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