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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Draw your hand

This was fun!


Alex said...

Outstanding lines! :) Really nice lighting control too!

Ann said...

This is a great drawing! Glad to hear you are healing from your surgery - sounds painful. And lucky you getting a new living room!

Trish said...

You actually did two challenges in one! Your hand, and left palm. Great job, I love the ink lines.

Melissa Sabin said...

THE Amazing Hand of Revelle! Sounds like a show for an up and coming magician. Sketch is great-did you have to draw with you weak arm????

Aurileide Alves said...

wow! I´ve just seen the amazing hand of Ravelle! Unbelievable!

Revelle said...

My left shoulder had the surgery and this is my left hand, so I can still draw with my right hand, thank God! Off to PT again in a few minutes. Torture becasue they now want to really stretch those last few inches out of me!!!


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