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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big brother's birthday

I've been collecting stuff for making some collages for a while now, and decided to make one for my brother's birthday. Check it out. It's mounted on board, and I had my husband drill small holes to hold the owl hanger. It has little holes in the back of the owl to hold the ribbon. I had a ball doing this and now I want to make more! Enjoy. He was about 10 I guess when this photo was taken at our camp.


Owen said...

It's a wonderful gift to be able to share our art as a gift.

Lisa Reed said...

Lucky brother! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

I bet your brother will be thrilled with his collage. It looks really great.

Anonymous said...

This looks great - I bet your brother will be thrilled!

MaryO said...

I did this for my two brothers some years ago for Christmas. They were moved to tears. I'm sure your brother will be delighted.

Margaret Ann said...

Precious memories are the best presents! :)

Lynn said...

That's so creative and lovely! It's a nice way to share memories.


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