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Thursday, October 23, 2008


I though I would post a photo of my puppy, Cleopatra. She's a long-haired German Shepherd, East German heritage, not American (with that too low sloping back). She's an angel and I really need to do a painting of her for my husband for Christmas. I'll post it after I'm done. She's 7 months old and a sweetheart, marvel of a dog. I just finished walking her and it's freezing outside! It won't be long before the snow starts. Happy Fall to everyone and keep drawing!


winna said...

This is a wonderful photo---I love the color and the dog's gaze invokes alertness and the unseen. I so admire German Shephards. Years ago our Sheba was wicked smart, loyal and great with the children. Also, to see Troopers work with their dogs is awesome. E J Mordasky

freebird said...

What a perfect fall picture. She looks beautiful in those leaves.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture. You got to love the color of the leaves.

Louise said...

Thanks for the link to this photo Revelle, Cleopatra is gorgeous! I've always been a dog person, but never knew a whole lot about German Shepherds. Since getting Rudy, I couldn't be more pleased with our choice of breed. He is just astonishingly clever, sweet and funny. It is possible that I am biased (just a little..!). Do post more photos of Cleopatra, I'd love to see some recent pics!


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